Bulking up for a muscular body has never been easy, and things become considerably more challenging when your shoulders are the only source of support. The muscles in your upper body are most frequently used as they work with almost every movement of your upper body. Not to mention how much joy a bodybuilder takes in his or her wide, well-sculpted shoulders. As such, it is vital to present them with an opportunity to gain awards and capture the attention of spectators, not to mention fawning girls along the road – yes it happens…

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The shoulder is the body's most mobile and unstable joint. It turns out that the socket holding the "the ball" in the upper arm makes the range of motion so wide that it's vulnerable to injury.

Muscles, ligaments, and tendons must hold them in place for them to remain intact. Thus, it is essential to ensure that these soft tissues remain sturdy, flexible, coordinated, and stress-resistant to the shoulder.

Do exercises need to be done every day?

Shoulder exercises deserve a lot more attention and we sometimes ignore them in favour of the desired abs and arms. Keep in mind, the more un-flexible and unstable the joints, the more strength is needed for good posture and upper body support.

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If you have to lose weight, look at your diet and also increase your protein intake by using a ISO protein supplement like FIGHTER – SUPREME LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING PROTEIN.

Protein Supplements can be a great addition to your workout routine. Supplements can also be helpful to the body as they provide many health benefits and boost your overall immunity.

Exercises for the Shoulders

Numerous bodyweight exercises can target the shoulder muscles directly or indirectly. Bodyweight exercises are ideal since they require no equipment and can be performed in the privacy of your own home. Let's look at some easy shoulder exercises for beginners:

  • Press-ups

How to Perform?

Put your feet together and spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart at chest height. Consider your body as a straight line running down the length of your back and backside. Now, holding your body straight and your gaze forward, slowly lower yourself to the ground until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Exhale as you re-ascend. That is a single rep.

How many at a time?

Begin with three sets of ten reps. It may not sound like much, but your power will quickly increase if you focus on proper technique.

  • Farmer's walk

How to Perform?

Take two fairly heavy dumbbells and position them by your sides. Maintain a tall posture with your shoulders back. If you've achieved the proper posture, move in a straight line. Ensure that you have adequate concentration on your set target.

How many at a time?

You can start with three sets of the 15-second walk. Do not try to exceed this limit when you are a beginner because this might be difficult to handle at once for your muscles.

  • Inverted Rows

How to perform?

Properly place a bar at waist level. Take a grip on the bar that is broader than your shoulder width and hang under it. Your body should be upright, your feet should be firmly placed on the floor, and your arms should be completely extended. This is the point from which you will begin. Flex your elbows to draw your chest closer to the bar. Keep your shoulder blades retracted as you move. At the top, take a pause and gradually return to the starting point.

How many at a time?

It is recommended to do three sets of 15. Focus on your goal, aim high and

Work hard for it!

Standing Barbell Press

How to perform?

Hold the barbell with your arms wider than the shoulder width. Bend the knees gently and raise the barbell to the collar bone with the hip width of your foot. This is the place from which you will begin. Push the bar straight up and out in front of your head to start a rep. Allow a brief pause before lowering the bar to your collarbone. Assure that the elbows are parallel to the bar and do not flare out to the sides.

How many at a time?

Perform three sets of ten reps. Begin slowly and emphasize quality rather than quantity.

  • Lateral Raise

How to perform:

Standing with two dumbbells at your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart. Gradually lift the dumbles to the side, raising them to your head level (any higher can put stress on you). Pause for 3-4 seconds. After that, lower your back to your sides.

How many at a time?

It usually is recommended to do three sets of 12.

How many reps should you do?

The shoulder is divided into three different muscle groups. Many beginners have made the mistake of treating these groups as one big muscle with chest-related movements, including more chest movements. They use an approach that has them overreaching in strength training.

The only issue with this training technique is pressure on the shoulders to hire the front head (front part) with little practice in the centre and back of the shoulder girdles.

Your shoulders will appear to be the average length from the front but will be abnormally skinny from the sides. Often, damage occurs as a result of such imbalances. Each muscle should receive only an appropriate workload.

The shoulder girdle will rotate nearly 360 degrees, so free weights, devices, and cables are used for the exercises at several angles. I suggest a low rep range (4-6) for compound pressing activities and a moderate rep range (8-12) for isolation training.

All exercises done in great shape, or the poor form or behaviours you begin will follow, resulting in a slight improvement, or maybe even injury. Now that you've grasped the muscles involved, their position, and the number of reps required to strengthen them, begin using these exercises to develop those blocks.

Exercising do take a lot of effort, and if you feel sluggish after some time, put an end to your energy and strength loss! Whether you're pumping iron, powerlifting, sprinting, or engaging in any other anaerobic exercise, supercharge and power up with CREATINE – INCREASED STRENGTH & ENERGY, which may help increase and sustain energy and strength while also promoting muscle growth.

Common Shoulder Exercise Mistakes

  • Mistake 1: Failing to Lead With Your Elbow during Lateral Raises

Some lifters complain about lateral raises damaging their shoulders, but this can be a significant step for both shoulder protection and gains if done correctly.

  • Mistake 2: Using a weak Grip on Upright Rows

Upright rows are another traditional lateral delt builder that has a bad reputation for exacerbating shoulder pain. The inner shoulder rotates with a tight grip that can lead to poor pose, shoulder damage, and spinal cloth injuries. It also transforms the movement into one that firmly concentrates on the front delts.

A better way to do this is to target the side delts with a shoulder-width grip and medium grip for the back delts. If your shoulders are bugged on upright rows, lift them!

  • Mistake 3: The fourth biggest weight training mistake is having weights close to the body while doing the exercises

Shortening the weight from the body does these single-joint exercises, including front or lateral raises, more accessible. By holding an essential bend in your arm, you can do that. It becomes more difficult if you stretch your arm further.

A better way to do this is not to lock your elbows when doing exercises to best use your front delts and minimally use your upper arms. You have to weigh lighter if it's challenging to reach your reps!


So here you go with the five exercising techniques on the shoulder to begin in the gym. Be careful to follow the directions to prevent any injury! It's not worth it to lift heavy weights to get heavier. Take time, concentrate on the form, and, in the long term, you're happier and healthier!

Written by Stealth Supplements

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