Sports and competing has always been in my blood. Since a young age, my dad coached me to become a top 100m and 200m athlete. With a lot a sweat, tears and dedication I achieved great success and became one of the fastest athletes around.

Back in the day before a race, a high sugary drink was the pre-workout of the moment and believe me every bit of juice was squeezed out of it to help to get you over the line first. As time went on, I became more interested in ways to improve and boost my nutrition, to the point where later in my life I set out to develop a high performance, sports supplements brand that everyone could benefit from.

Stealth Supplements is for athletes like you who want the best possible value per scoop and nothing but pure essential performance enhancing components. Our NZ Made proteins and supplements are all-natural, clean and without any artificial ingredients or fillers. On top of it all, it tastes great!

We believe you deserve nothing but the best. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy and power or improve your overall health, every product we create is a genuinely premium nutritional and sports supplement that will help you smash your goals faster.

About Us

All our supplement ingredients come from trusted sources and the whey protein we use are from local, free roaming, super healthy grass-fed NZ cows which is classed to be the best protein you can get anywhere in the world.

Each batch of our supplements is also carefully manufactured with precision in smaller quantities, to ensure you get the added freshness and the best of the best.

Having the iconic SILVER FERN & NZ MADE logos on our supplement and whey protein range carry immense weight, as it shows we mean business. You can be assured of superior product quality that can compete on an international level.

Now what are you waiting for, start adding those Stealth Supps to your basket and go break some records!