Why Whey Protein Powder from New Zealand?

Retailers around the world choose Stealth Supplement’s protein powder range because it’s made in New Zealand, and there’s nothing like it on the market. New Zealand has the best dairy in the world!
If you choose whey protein from NZ, it’s guaranteed to come from healthy, grass-fed cows. The whey we use in our premium health and fitness protein products comes from happy, healthy cattle that grazes on clean, green pastures. No exceptions!

NZ dairy has the best reputation.

With 200 years of heritage, dairy farming in New Zealand is a highly skilled profession and that comes with a lot of pride. Being so remote and isolated from the rest of the world has made Kiwi farmers innovators and real problem solvers. New Zealand dairy technologists where the first to pioneer whey processing for high value nutritional products, and many on-farm technologies that are now used around the world were invented here.

The New Zealand dairy industry has a long history of being a trusted supplier of safe and sustainable products, exporting for more than 170 years and to more than 140 different international markets. New Zealand also has a world-leading animal welfare framework as our farmers care well for their animals, and there’s respect for the role they play in supporting nutrition and livelihoods.

NZ Pastoral Farming System

New Zealand’s pastoral farming system provides a different environment as to how many cows are raised in other parts of the world. They can enjoy fresh air, space and sunshine, and growth hormones and other nasties are banned. That results in top quality milk production and by-products, such as whey protein. It’s highly nutritious and one of the most beneficial dietary sources of protein for athletes, bodybuilders, and people who want to add more protein to their diet or lose a few kg’s.