Fitness goals is a very common phrase that we have heard everywhere as people are focusing on improving health, losing weight, and having a proper workout routine. People usually want to push themselves beyond the body and mind limits; whatever your aim is, the necessary thing is to concentrate every muscle of your body to develop a solid and fit body.

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Likewise, chest workouts are necessary body workouts; even though the bench is often related to chest workouts, non-bench ones are more common and favorable, so non-bench cheat workouts are crucial that you need to include in the workout routine.

Why are Chest Workouts Important?

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle, physical activity plays a significant role, like doing workouts or cardio exercises. When you perform workouts, it is crucial to involve every muscle of the body in it. The entire strength of the upper-body is supported by strong pectoral muscles. This is due to the fact that the pectoral muscles are involved in a wide variety of upper-body actions.

Similarly, a chest workout is critical for maintaining a healthy body because it strengthens and occupies the chest muscles, resulting in a great and stable posture. And a good posture improves blood flow and the working of nerves. Chest workouts also support the ligaments, tendons and develop the muscles very well.

Best Non-bench Chest Workouts

Following are the best non-bench exercises that will help you to build strong chest muscles and the perfect Pecs:

1. Push-ups

Push-ups is one of the best chest workouts that have been around since forever, and the reason for its stable position in the workout routines is that it is not just a routine body exercise. Still, it also measures the fitness range of a kid and even for a military individual. It builds the chest muscles, which enhances the body's core, and it also strengthens the deltoids and triceps muscles of your arm and shoulders.

This non-bench chest workout is also great because you do not need specific equipment or a place to do it; you can do it wherever and whenever you want.

How to do it:

The way to do a perfect pushup is to position the hands directly under the shoulders, your head, back, and buttocks should form a straight line. There should be a gap between your legs, but not too much, and your weight should lay on the toes. Now you will slowly lower the body until your triceps have a parallel position to the ground, and then afterward, you again go back to the higher starting position. You repeat the body is moving again and again to perform the pushups.

You can do how many pushups you like to, but it is best to start with a moderate number like 15+ and then go a little higher day by day to challenge yourself.

2. Standing Chest Press:

You do not need a bench to do a standing chest press workout, the only equipment you need is a set of dumbbells, or if you do not have them, you can even perform the exercise using two blocks of brick or any heavy objects. This chest workout focuses on strengthening and building the pectoral muscles.

How to do it:

First, you need to hold the dumbbells in the palms of your hand, then stand to a position of feet shoulder-width apart and bend the arms in the direction of your chest. Compress the dumbbells and then push them away until your arm has reached full extension; afterward, return to the starting position.

Keep the core involved as you push the dumbbells in and out so that you do not feel stress or tension in the muscles. Do at least three sets of 12+ standing chest presses and then increase the sets with time.

3. Dip:

The dip is a very typical workout, but it is highly efficient in building chest muscles. It is a pec-focused workout that hits the core muscles very well. At the start, you can do three sets of 20 dips and then raise the number with time.

How to do it:

Find a dip station, or if you are doing this at home, you can use a chair, etc., now create a strong grip on the equipment and slightly at a distance than the basic triceps dip. Focusing on bending your body in the downward direction and then get back to the starting position, the chest muscles and the pec portions will be engaged in this way.

4. Cable Crossover:

Cable crossover is a fundamental yet effective chest workout. The uniqueness of it is that you can hit the chest muscles from different angles by applying variations, which will help build it more stably. It focuses on the pectoral muscles and overall chest area for development and growth. You can do three sets of 25 cable crossover initially and then increase the sets with time.

How to do it:

You can place the cables either in an upright position for upper chest muscle building or in a lower position for lower chest muscle building; you can also do both simultaneously. Now you will bring the arms in the inner direction, forming an X shape, and then again get it back to the extended initial position.

How are Non-bench Chest Workouts Better than Bench Workouts?

Bench chest workouts are great, but they also have certain drawbacks, like they can cause severe injuries, especially for the deltoid and shoulder muscles. It is also quite rare to find an empty bench in a busy gym, and even if you find one, you do not have enough time to do the chest workout properly.

So, non-bench workouts are pretty effective, convenient, and easy to do, and also, you can have more workout variety in the non-bench section rather than bench one.

Other Tips to Enhance your Chest Workouts

  • Protein supplements:

Protein is the basic nutrient that builds and nurture the body muscles and bones, that's why it is important to consume enough proteins through the diet, but often we do not consume this nutrient as much we need to so, protein supplements play a very significant role in building muscles and including it in the workout routine as a staple. It will improve muscle building and development. You can use STRIKER – MUSCLE GROWTH & MAINTENANCE PROTEIN to improve your muscle growth and maintain muscles before or after workouts.

  • Stretching:

Stretching is crucial for a chest workout; otherwise, you can have muscle cramps that can make you tired and restless, affecting the workout routine.

  • Enough water intake:

You need to consume 8 to 10 glasses per day; it will keep your body hydrated and make your chest workouts smoother and more effective.

Gyms can be exhausting and sometimes water alone cannot keep you hydrated, you can use REFUEL – HYDRATION & ELECTROLYTE BOOST to get the required electrolytes and keep your body hydrated.

  • Balanced diet:

Having a balanced diet is very important with a proper workout plan as it keeps you active and fresh while performing intensive workouts.


The non-bench chest exercises are very simple and easy to perform rather than bench ones. It avoids injuries, inconveniences, and more versatility in the non-bench section as you can create variations that target the chest muscles from different angles and provide optimum results. Adding a protein supplement, balanced diet, adequate water intake, etc., are also other options that enhance the results. Just focus on following the workout routine timely and adequately.

Written by Stealth Supplements

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