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Keep those well-shaped or buffed-up muscles you’ve worked so hard for! Dose them with Stealth Fermented BCAA’s that may help with increased protein synthesis, decreased muscle breakdown and improved workout intensity, and achieve effective, instantized muscle building and maintenance.

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Here are three ways of adding STEALTH BCAA to your workout program:

PRE-WORKOUTMix 1 scoop (6g) of STEALTH BCAA in water, or for a more explosive workout mix with STEALTH NITROS pre-workout 15 minutes pre-training or pre-workout to help sustain energy for your muscles and enable you to train harder. SHAKE WELL in a Shaker.

DURING WORKOUTMix 1 scoop (6g) of STEALTH BCAA with water together with STEALTH REFUEL MG, and consume during your workout to quickly help prevent muscle fatigue, cramping and maintain energy throughout your session. SHAKE WELL in a Shaker.

POST WORKOUTMix 1 scoop (6g) of STEALTH BCAA in water or for faster muscle reconstruction mix with STEALTH PICK-UP for a post-workout shake ideally within 30 minutes of completion of your workout, to help with muscle recovery, prevention of muscle breakdown and increased protein synthesis. SHAKE WELL in a Shaker.

STORAGE: Reseal container firmly after each use and store in a cool dry place.

WARNING: BCAA is not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant woman. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Always consult a licenced health care professional before use. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

ALLERGEN WARNING: Manufactured in a facility that also processes Milk, Soy and Cocoa products.