Kate Winchester

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I was a long distance runner for many years; an equestrian (still have my horses!) and I have a blue belt in Aikido. I went back to study behavioural psychology as a mature student and decided to explore behavioural techniques on myself. I set myself the goal of training for a body building competition, which was pretty radical for me as I had never been in a gym in my life and never worn a bikini! I stepped on stage 5 months later at the age of 51 and never looked back! So started the journey of stretching the boundaries of what a 50 plus woman can achieve with the right training and support!

The impact on mental wellbeing as we train for competitions is misunderstood and often glossed over in body building. People wanting to get into the sport often have little to no idea of the potential for damage to their health and relationships. It can be challenging to find someone who "gets" the sport and who can guide you with practical, evidence based strategies and techniques that enable you to feel confident, capable and aligned with your dreams and goals . I provide online coaching for women over 40 who have big dreams; and are struggling with the many issues we face as body builders and don't know who to turn to or where to start. I bring a wealth of life experience to my coaching, and I draw on my background as a behaviour analyst and competitor to work collaboratively with my clients to support their growth. I offer a FREE Discovery call to see if I am a fit for you so you can feel confident and assured you are on the right track!


  • Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) Masters in Applied Science Post Grad in Psychology B.Ed (Hons)

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